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Have you sometimes wanted to go for a client meeting but you stayed back in office only because you were expecting an important document that needed your attestation? Have you ever thought you have been postponing that vacation for a long time only because you don’t want to miss out on all the action back in office, especially the shipments arriving and your custom clearance procedures that require you to be present in the office since they need to be testified by you?

If this sounded like you, rejoice!

Introducing a brand new application that facilitates facsimile transmission through your smart phone itself! You only now need to have mobile connectivity so that you can receive the fax on your phone. So, now when you receive the document through the app on your smart phone, you can read it no doubt. But hold your breath, you can now also edit the facsimile and then attest your signature on it and resend it to your office!

Transforming your phone into a fax machine:

This application is no mean deal. It has the capacity to transform your best device into a fax device in the wink of your eye. You can sign the document with your stylus pen on the smartphone screen or you can attest with the swipe of your finger!


One of the reasons why we developed this application was because we realized that the CEO of the company was always bound to his office and never could let his creative unleash. How much experimentation and exploration can someone within four walls actually do? In order to help you build your business and help you explore so that you can innovate, we decided to set you free.
Now, receiving, reading/browsing, editing and redirecting faxes with your signature is as easy as ABC. You just have to enter your recipients’ phone number and whoosh! It is already on its way.

Time sensitive documents need extra care and caution:

Say a quotation that needs to reach the desk on time, an invoice that has to be sent within a particular time frame or a legal document that urgently needs your signature to be submitted in the appropriate forum; this cannot wait and so they must not! Download our e fax app into your hone now to see how much difference it makes to your business!