I Never Thought That My Smart Phone Could Work Like My Facsimile Machine!


When it is a habit:

Coming from a predominantly business family and taking over the reins of the business when the time was ripe has been customary since five generations. There has never been too much of a revolutionary change as such because most of the members would nonchalantly follow the family tradition, study well, follow into college with a business administration or a management degree and a post graduation and dutifully they would be into the family business and anointed to be the next someone or someone in the hierarchy.
No revolutionary changes:

It looked as if the prerogative of the earlier generations was almost the same. To make sure that the show went on. The work and the tandem were never ever disturbed and things looked normal just the way they were going.

But something really drastic happened when it was time for me to enter business. About two decades ago, the world was on the brink of a technological revolution. There were gadgets to enter the stocks and the accounts instead of books to be maintained manually. The attendance and the inventory slowly got overtaken by automated software. The production and the logistics also took giant leaps. Something that actually happened that changed the outlook and the face of the business. And believe me it was far removed from what I had seen and known since I was a young boy and during the time that my dad reigned in business.

The shrinking desk phenomenon:

This is a phrase that I have coined myself but I think it defines my experience the best! You see, when I was very young and use to visit my father at his office and I used to bring a set of colors and a book that my mother used to give me so that I would color a few pages. Those days, I used to think that my mum was so fond of my coloring that she insisted I color at least a few pages and she dutifully drooled over each one of them! In the hindsight, I sometimes laugh at the experience because a few years down the line my mum once confessed to me that the coloring she insisted was so that I could keep to myself and not interrupt dad in his work or cut him short during his meetings!

But the point is that I never had place to keep my things on his desk. There was a big computer with a large monitor which was propped on to a CPU and then there was keyboard in a separate pull away drawer, there was an intercom, a facsimile machine, a calendar, an EPABX, a huge big appointment diary, a pen stand full of beautiful stationery and a big bulky phone!

About two decades ago, the world was on the brink of a technological revolution. There were gadgets to enter the stocks and the accounts instead of books to be maintained manually.


I used to shuffle his things to be able to keep my things and color. When I joined the office, I had already done away with a majority of things, in place of the heavy desktop now was my swanky laptop that I had imported and my android phone took care of all the other things. I digitally stored my appointments, checked the calendar also in my smart phone.

But fax!

Except the fax machine, most of the desk was now either in my laptop or my phone. with time and expansion, I was more on the field than in the office and if there was one thing that bothered me a lot was that I could not fax any document if I was on the move. For that I had to be in office or at least near a place which could help me with the fax facility.

As if Providence heard my prayers:

Recently, I came across this smart phone application that allows one to fax even when on the go. I cannot tell you how happy I was to have heard of such a prospect. For a busy businessman who is on the wheels ninety percent of his time, this is a real boon. Considering the very little time since its inception and launch, the e fax technology through the smart phone is quite a popular application with over fifty million people having downloaded it in one or more of their devices.
The numbers only show how much the need for such an application was and how it has filled the lacuna. Like all application, this one needs to be downloaded and installed in your smart phone device. Using this app, you can not only read and edit but also attest your signature and send back to the sender or to a new recipient. Isn't it amazing how much technology can do to make your life easier!